RVHS responds in Mirror to columnist’s inaccurate portrayal of hospital position on panel recommendation

Read what RVHS CEO & President Andree Robichaud had to say in response to an opinion column published in the Scarborough Mirror. Reporter unfairly portrayed the hospital as trying to derail improved health care for Scarborough in the future. Just the opposite is true.

Read it here: www.insidetoronto.com/opinion-story/6507920-letter-rouge-valley-health-system-is-supportive-of-panel-report


Support from Toronto Councillor

Toronto Councillor Paul Ainslie wrote a compelling blog posting that describes the situation for Rouge Valley Health System, in an informative and easy to understand fashion.


We encourage you to have a read:

Paul Ainslie’s Blog

Community leaders, physicians, team up to Save Our Hospital

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Founding committee members agree Rouge Valley Health System should not be dissolved

Durham – Scarborough, March 16, 2016 – Today the names of the founding members of the Save Our Hospital Action Committee were announced.

These ten business and community leaders have come together with ten physicians, who work in our hospitals every day, to lead the charge to save Rouge Valley Health System from being dissolved.

Together the Ajax-Pickering and Centenary sites of the Rouge Valley Health system provide excellent, integrated care for our community and region.  Rouge Valley Ajax and Pickering and Rouge Valley Centenary, are under threat of being separated.   Dissolving RVHS reverses more than a decade of effective regional integration and puts at risk care in our community.  Dissolving RVHS is contrary to the Ministry directions for increased integration of regional care that puts ‘patients first’

We ask our friends in politics, business, community and patient care to join with us to convince decision makers to build on our community experience, to move forward with progressive integration options, and to keep our hospitals together in the Central East LHIN.

Please visit our website at http://www.keeprvhstogether.com to sign our petition to put patients first in health care planning for Scarborough East and West Durham.

Action Committee Founding Members

Shiv Bansal
Dale Bartlett
Jim Boyko
Dr. Michael Chang
Dr. Anjala Chelvanathan
Michael Claener
Janet Ecker
Randy Filinski
Dr. Steven Fishman
Dr. Paul Galiwango
Dr. Stephen Gallay
Dr. Saleem Kassam
Peter Lobraico
Dr. Howard Petroff
Dr. Mark Prieditis
Dr. Joseph Ricci
Dr. Jeffrey Spodek
Raj Thavaratnasingham
Terri Toms
Jim VanDusen

— 30 —

For more information contact:
Dr. Joe Ricci
Save Our Hospital committee
Phone: 905-416 284 4744 ext. 200
Fax: 416.284.0141
email: keeprvhstogether@gmail.com

Save Our Hospital! Put Patients First!

Save Our Hospitals logo vII

Do not dissolve the Rouge Valley Health System

The Rouge Valley Health System serves a vital and growing community.  Our hospitals provide excellent patient care with access to high quality expertise that puts the community and the patients of Rouge Valley Health System first.

Rouge Valley and its physician leaders have developed a true health system for our community.  This system connects all of us to our family physicians and our hospital. We are proud of the accomplishments of everyone in the Rouge Valley Health System community and its medical leaders.   We are proud of what has been accomplished serving the people of our community and region.

We are extremely pleased that the recommendations to the Ministry of Health call for investment in our health system infrastructure in Scarborough and that the 2016 Ontario Budget increases base funding for hospitals.

However, we are concerned that a recent report to the Minister of Health makes recommendations for reorganization of health care that are not the best path forward. This report does not recognize either the vibrant and effective accomplishments of the Rouge Valley Health System community or the remarkable system of care we now rely on in our Ajax-Pickering-East Scarborough community.  And we must point out that the report’s recommendations are at odds with Ministry of Health data that shows how effective the Rouge Valley Health System of care is, as well as how coordinated our two hospitals are in the way they provide high quality health care, close to home.

A growing number of community leaders, including forward thinking physicians at both of our hospitals, have come together to advocate for our community, forming the Save Our Hospitals committee.  We need your support.

Our message is simple.  We value the high quality care provided by the Rouge Valley Health System.  We value the regional care system that Rouge Valley Health System has built for us, and we support our doctors, our nurses and our allied health professionals.

We urge the Ministry of Health to continue to put patients first.  Our community needs the infrastructure investment in both Scarborough and Durham Region.  We oppose any plan to dissolve our community hospital, Rouge Valley Health System.  Dissolving Rouge Valley Health System’s and breaking apart our two fully integrated hospitals would have a serious impact on programs that have made great advancements in recent years, such as the Regional Cardiology program that serves Durham Region and Scarborough, with 12 cardiac rehabilitation locations spanning from Cobourg and Peterborough, throughout Durham Region and east Scarborough.

We ask the Minister to build on our community experience and assist us to move forward with better integration options, that would keep our hospitals together, and build on the examples of established programs that serve our community so well.

Your participation is crucial.  Join with your community doctors and tell the Minister of Health that you want to keep your local hospital intact.

Download the Public Petition                   Download the Physician Petition

Download and sign and send our petition to keeprvhstogether@gmail.com and it will be sent to the Minister of Health. Help us Save Our Hospital, Put Patients First, and stop Rouge Valley Health System from being dissolved.

– 30 –

For more information, contact:
Dr. Joe Ricci
Save Our Hospital committee
Phone: 905-416 284 4744 ext. 200
Fax: 416.284.0141
email: keeprvhstogether@gmail.com